PT. Alamanda Sejati Utama is a private Indonesian agriculture company which is sells and exports vegetables, fruits, and flowers actively towards countries over the world.

Established in Jakarta in 2002 and due to increasing demand from our customers, we expanded and posted our office to Banjaran, South Bandung, West Java on 2004. Woriking in bigger space, better facilities and equipment, we are ready to give the freshest goods from Indonesia.


Our vision is to be the leading exporter in vegetables, fruits, and flowers which place customers satisfaction as our top priority commitment. Our mission is to cooperate with all farmers stakeholder to move forward the Indonesian horticulture export toward countries over the world. Focus on excellent service and maintain high standard quality control starting from material selection, handling, until delivery, we provide the finest and freshest goods to our customers.

Our company has gained confidence and respectful acknowledges from our buyers, such as NTUC Fair Price (one of the biggest super market chains in Singapore), Cold Storage, Shop n Save, Giant, and SATS. Not only to Singapore, but also we deliver our products to Malaysia, Thailand, Hongkong, Brunei Darussalam, U.A.E, Bangladesh, South Korea, Japan, Pakistan, turki.

In 2009, we have cooperating with LPPM UNPAD (an institute whose job is to assist manufacturers in terms of production techniques, management, and institutional) to develop the supply chain management of horticulture which is still on progress at this moment. Weve also cooperated with group of farmers (GAPOKTAN) to keep the supply stable so that we can do the export all over the years.

PT. Alamanda Sejati Utama is a fast growing company which exporting more than 5000 MT in 2010 and increasius up to know, it keeps

Due to the increasing export in 2011, we have expanded by opening the branch office in Medan and the warehouse in Central Java.


All of our products are the best selected fresh vegetables, fruits, and jasmines from Indonesia. We are work with a lot of well-trained and educated farmers who understand the export standard qualitys products. To maintain our products quality standard stays at its highest grade, we also supply best seeds for farmers to be grown and train them to make sure the products are well-treated and grown at their best.

 PT. Alamanda Sejati Utama apply Cold Chain Management as the standard quality treatment for each of our goods,

  starting from plantation field to our warehouse and from our warehouse to port of departure. We have refrigerated truck armadas and cool storage that can maintain more than 300 tons/day of vegetables and fruits.




Baby Fine Bean, French bean, watercresses, Red Chili, Cabbage, Capsicum, Petai Bean, Sweet Corn, Xiao Bai Cai, Honey Sweet Potato, Shallot



Gedong Manggo, Arumanis Manggo, Salacca, Pink Guava, Rambutan, Water Melon, Mangosteen, Rock Melon


Jasmine Flower garland, jasmine flower bald, jasmin flower


Champignon Mushroom, Button Mushroom



PT. Alamanda Sejati Utama understand that high quality comes from good seed, good treatment, good handling, and a well delivery arrangement. This is the reason we are implementing strict quality control at all levels of processing, start from selection of the seed, harvesting, separation, emerging the products, and packing.

To achieve the freshest quality of our products, we have cold storage in our warehouse that can maintain more than 300 tons/day of vegetables and fruits. We have cold storages, with different temperature. Every vegetable and fruit is stored in each compartment based on their resistance.


Human Resource

PT. Alamanda Sejati Utama have experience staffs and skillful employees who well-trained to ensure product quality at the highest standard as customer need.